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Is your home ready for Santa?

Let The Elf Team find out...


Socially distant Christmas elf doorstep and garden visits bringing the magic to you.

Introducing The Elf Team, covering Poole, Bournemouth and the surrounding areas of Dorset. They will ensure your home is safe for Santa's arrival.

Our elves Jamie, Kev and Phil will undertake a full "Elf & Safety" check! The visit will include magic, music, comedy and juggling.

Each house will receive a letter from Santa and the cheeky elves will leave a Santa Safe certificate.

  • A great alternative to a grotto this year

  • Bring the magic to your home

  • A unique and fun way to get into the Christmas spirit

Book today for a fun Christmas experience that is sure to be a memory that is remembered for years to come.


Each elf has a different job in the North Pole and this will be visible during your home appearance. They've worked hard to ensure that they are unique, believable and as magical as possible! The elves are full time professional entertainers for the rest of the year so you are assured of great personality and the ability to capture the children's imagination.


An elf that will juggle almost anything he finds; candy canes, presents, and even chocolate coins.


Magical just like a true elf. Children won't believe how things can appear, disappear and even change colour!


Elf & Safety officer Phil takes being silly seriously! His job is to check your garden is safe for Santa's arrival. 

About Your Visit

You can book a visit by filling in the form at the bottom of this page. During the visit there will be silly antics, magic, juggling and you'll receive;

  • A sign to say your home is Safe for Santa.
  • A letter from Santa for your children.

The Elf visits last 12 minutes and includes 2 - 3 elves. This is the perfect amount of time to keep the visits magical, memorable and get everyone excited for Christmas!

We advise getting all the family to watch as it brings out the child in all ages. Please note social distancing and Covid-19 safe regulations and procedures will be followed by our elves at all times and we kindly request you to do the same.

Garden Visits - Feel free to leave fun items such as footballs, slides, frisbees, scooters etc. in the garden. The naughty elves may use them to be silly in front of the children (they will do this carefully and will not cause any damage).

Doorstep Visits - Please ensure your doorstep/driveway is as clear as possible. Move vehicles out of the driveway if possible and move any breakable items away from the door. This will help them when undertaking their "Elf and Safety" check.

There is no limit on the number of children, but the Covid-19 regulations at the time of the performance should be followed.

We are SOLD OUT, but we do have an overflow form. Visits are priced at £50 per address.

We are SOLD OUT, BUT...

We do have an overflow form, if we add any more dates or a slot becomes available, we will let you know! So click the button below and fill out the short form and we'll try and squeeze you in!

On the day, make sure your children are in position ready for the visit. If it is a surprise try and think of a clever way to ensure the children are at or near the window/door ready for our arrival. On arrival we will park the Elf Team van outside your property, on the driveway if possible. We'll make a bit of noise when we arrive with festive music. Make sure you get yourselves to the window or doorstep to experience the fun. Please remember no children or adults in the garden/driveway throughout the visit.

Simple & Easy

If we do have a slot available, it's easy to book in and everything can be completed online and in just a few simple steps.

Step #1

  • We'll send you a unique booking code.

  • Step #2

  • Fill out the form and pay.

  • Step #3

  • Look out for our arrival on the day and enjoy your Elf Experience.

  • Secure Order

    Payment is made through Stripe a trusted and reliable card processor.

    Professional Guarantee

    The elves have over 50 years of combined performing experience.


    Terms & Conditions: 

    • Social Distancing and Covid-19 safe regulations and procedures must be followed at all times.

    • If any members of your household have symptoms or are self isolating due to Coronavirus we can still undertake the visit, but please notify us beforehand. There is zero contact throughout the visit.

    • Social distancing is key children must stay inside your home and not come into your garden or driveway throughout the visit to protect both yourself and us. Failure to comply will result in a shorter visit.

    • Please ensure any pets such as dogs are kept safely out of the way of the elves at all times and any mess is cleared from the driveway/garden.

    • In the event of a local or national lockdown, we are still able to undertake your visit as the performance is part of our work and will follow covid safe procedures. If stricter restrictions are put in place that means your visit cannot go ahead, we may have to reschedule your visit. If this is not possible a full refund will be made.

    • If you are not home when we visit during our agreed time, no refund will be offered.

    • Payment must be made in full when booking. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any refunds.

    • Please ensure we have adequate space to park our van, ideally on the driveway or in front of your home. If this is not possible please let us know on your booking form.

    • Visits must take place on private land, i.e. your home address. Other locations and corporate events may be available on request, but may be subject to an additional charge.

    • Weather - in the event very bad weather such as strong winds or heavy rain we may have to reschedule your visit to another suitable date. If this is not possible a full refund will be made.

    • Your visit will include a minimum of two elves. Most visits will have three elves. However, if parking is an issue it is likely the number of elves during your visit will be reduced. 

    • Visits are for private homes only. We can only perform outside front doors, back doors, on driveways or in gardens. We cannot undertake blocks of flats or areas where members of the public can access.